The media reported the reluctance of the environment Obama to arm the Syrian rebels

According to WP, the issue of using weapons groups, which during the conflict were supported by the CIA, President Barack Obama secretly raised at the meeting with his entourage, responsible for national security issues. A plan that would help the rebels more effectively withstand artillery and air strikes of Russian aviation, the newspaper reports.

Indicates that the plan resulted was neither accepted nor rejected. This is due to the increased skepticism toward the troops, who during the last three years supported by the CIA.

The sources among Washington officials noted that there are serious doubts that the US aid will really help the rebels, given the serious Russian intervention in the situation. In turn, supporters of the transfer of weapons argue that if Aleppo finally fall, the group that supported the Americans going to look for more reliable allies. Besides, it may affect the US image in the region. Among those who propose to expand the programme of assistance to the rebels WP calls CIA Director John Brennan and Secretary of defense Ashton Carter. In the camp of the skeptics, in turn, has moved the US Secretary of state John Kerry. Recent fears that the result of the use of American weapons can lost Russian soldiers, deepening confrontation with Moscow.

In this regard, Obama is inclined to refer the question of the fate of the entire program the next occupant of the White house.