Hungary has summoned the Russian Ambassador because of the comparisons of the events of 1956 with “mayhem”

Hungarian foreign Ministry intends to clarify that does not tolerate talk “in a derogatory manner about the revolution and its heroes”, so after it appeared in Russian state media reports on the anniversary of the anti-Soviet uprising of 1956 caused the Ambassador of Russia in Budapest. This was reported by the Associated Press, citing a Ministry statement.

According to the statement of the Hungarian foreign Ministry, Russian state media has described the rebellion of 1956 as a “pogrom” and the first “color revolution” like the “orange revolution” that occurred in Ukraine in 2005, which implies that the uprising were the United States, the Agency reports.

The evening of 23 October, on TV channel “Russia 1” was published the program of Dmitry Kiselyov “News of the week” story about the anniversary of the uprising. The initial active phase of the uprising it is called “pogroms,” and allowed that it was in 1956 in Hungary”, and was the first in countries friendly to us “colored” revolution.”

An appeal to the Hungarian foreign Ministry to respond to stories in the Russian media asked the opposition party “Politics can be different”, positioning itself as an ecological and radically democratic, says the Associated Press.

Last weekend in Hungary have been celebrating in honor of the 60th anniversary of the uprising against the Pro-Soviet regime, which occurred in the autumn of 1956 and Soviet tanks suppressed.