Lavrov called the possibility of extending the “Turkish stream” on the territory of the EU

Russia is ready to extend the second line of the pipeline “Turkish stream” only if the European Union will provide a written guarantee for the implementation of the project. This was stated by Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov at the meeting with the Association of European businesses.

“After the failure of the “South stream” will be ready to extend this thread into the EU only after the unambiguous official, on paper, guarantees the implementation of this project”, — said the head of Ministry of foreign Affairs (“Interfax”).

He stressed that, according to experts, “in the foreseeable future without Russian energy resources to the member countries of the European Union will be difficult to do”.

An agreement on the construction of “Turkish stream” was reached in December 2014. It was assumed that the pipeline will replace the project “South stream”, which was conceived back in 2007, but was blocked by the EU. However, after the Turkish air force shot down a Russian su-24 in November 2015, the project was suspended.

In late June, Turkey has apologized to Russia for the downed plane. In August in St. Petersburg took place the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan. After that, Erdogan said that Turkey is interested in the construction of the pipeline to, in particular, to ensure gas supplies to Europe.

On the same day, energy Minister Alexander Novak made it clear that while we are talking about the construction of one branch of the pipeline and for Turkish consumers. Work on the second line for the EU may occur, if Moscow will seek from the EU guarantees in its construction. According to Novak, the first line should be constructed by December 2019.

In early October, Putin and Erdogan signed bezprepjatstvenno agreement on construction of two sections of the “Turkish stream.”