Norway for the first time since the end of world war II, foreign troops will take

USA will temporarily place in Norway about 330 Marines, said the defense Minister of the Kingdom of Ine Eriksen Sereide. Her statement published on the official website of the military Department.

American troops will be stationed at a military base in Vernes with January 2017. It is noted that the Marines will train in other parts of the country. After educational program, the United States, the Norwegian authorities will decide on the possible deployment of troops on its territory after 2017.

“The United States is a longtime and close ally of Norway. Their participation in military exercises and training in Norway — one of the elements in these long-standing and close relations provide security policy”, — reads the statement of the Ministry of defense of the country.

The report also stresses that the deployment of us troops will be performed under the agreement between Washington and Oslo from 2006. Reuters notes that Norway is in NATO and is a close political ally of the United States. Up to this time the troops of the Alliance did not place in Norway.

The decision on the deployment of us Marines has drawn criticism from the opposition. According to the leader of the Socialist left party Audun of Lisbakken, quoted in Reuters, Norway is to strengthen the national defense of the country, and not to seek U.S. military presence.

The Agency also notes that the last time foreign troops were stationed in Norway in 1945, when the North of the country were placed by Soviet soldiers.