Removed from the flight “Belavia” “antimaydanovets” decided to defend political prisoners

That the Pro-Russian activist Armen Martirosyan will be the head of the organization Uapolitfreedom, he said . Uapolitfreedom was created by the Pro-Russian public men in 2015, for the protection of prisoners in the Ukraine, which Russia considers to be political prisoners. The organization is working to help prisoners in the territory of the breakaway DND and LNR.

“So many political prisoners, as in Ukraine, in any country, many people are held without trial. There’s a secret prison of the SBU (security Service of Ukraine. — ) they are people, whose fault is that they do not agree with the new government,” says Martirosyan.

On Friday, October 21, a passenger plane, performing flight B2-840 in Minsk, was returned to the airport of Kiev. As stated by the company “Belavia”, whose Board performed the flight, the dispatcher allegedly gave prahsu to raise the fighters in case of default of instructions. The SBU denied it.

At 15:36, when the team came on the turn, the plane was a few kilometers from the border with Belarus. It was later revealed that the passenger liner was returned to the departure airport due to the fact that the Board was “antimaydanovets” Martirosyan.

On the Ukrainian site “Peacemaker”, which publishes personal data “agents of the Kremlin”, Martirosyan called “separatist and activist anti-Ukrainian sentiments”. After moving from Kiev to Moscow activist became the editor of the site Ukraina.Ru (included in state media group “Russia today”).

According to Martirosyan, which the Ukrainian authorities believe an activist of the Ukrainian movement “Antimaydan” SBU “was looking for some drive information”. After a forced landing of the liner of the activist was released without explaining why for the temporary detention of one person had to put a Board with passengers. The foreign Ministry of Belarus has handed a note of protest to the chargé d’affaires of Ukraine and demanded reparations for the landing aircraft. He Martirosyan promised to go to court in Ukraine and in the European courts.

The next day after the incident, on 22 October, the chief of staff of the head of the SBU Oleksandr Tkachuk said that the Belarusian aircraft was returned to the Kyiv airport that the security forces were able to verify the absence of threats to national security. However, he denied information on threats to raise in the air fighters. At the same time Deputy Director of “Belavia” Igor Cherginets said that threats to use military aircraft recorded in the record of negotiations of crew with land services.

“The press Secretary of the SBU called me a threat to the national security of Ukraine, but there is no official data, on what basis dropped me off — said Martirosyan. I sent a request to the Ukrainian authorities to find out on what basis they were detained and returned from Belarus on the territory of Ukraine. And the second question that bothers me — I’ll be entry on the territory of Ukraine”.

Among the coordinators of the movement Uapolitfreedom in addition, includes the Secretary of the HRC Yana Lantratova, a former Odessa prisoner, journalist Elena Sliwinska, political analyst Alexander Vedrussov. Among the supporters of the organization the website also States a member of the HRC Maxim Shevchenko, journalist Avigdor Eskin, political scientist Mikhail Pogrebinsky and others.