“Vedomosti” reported on the refusal of “Rosneftegaz” to report their income

The newspaper “Vedomosti” familiar with the correspondence regarding the withdrawal of dividends of “Rosneftegaz”. This fall, the Finance Ministry has proposed to oblige the company, which accumulates the income of “Rosneft”, “Gazprom” and “inter RAO UES”, to transfer in the budget of all dividends.

With reference to the financial official, the newspaper writes that a decision in principle on the proposal of the Ministry of Finance is already there. However, to assess the income of the company is impossible, Rosneftegaz (100% state owned) has never provided its owner – the government — information about the investment program, which is not taken into account in the draft exemption of dividends to the letter Deputy Minister of economic development Nikolay Podguzova. As a result, the Ministry asks the Ministry to assess the investment program, write “Vedomosti”.

Meanwhile, in a letter to the Director of “Rosneftegaz” Gennady Bukaev the head of the Agency Dmitry Britanskomu States that “Rosneftegaz” sends reports directly to President Vladimir Putin. The press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, in turn, said that such reports are “government” and “are not included in the scope of work questions of the President.”

“Why Rosneftegaz does not respond to letters of the owner, and sends all Putin like he’s the owner, it is not clear”, – the newspaper quoted one of the Federal officials.

One of the officials of the economic block explained that “Rosneftegaz” makes the requests to the level of the President. The head of state, according to the source, each time instructs the government to examine them. So, he recalls, in the spring of “Rosneftegaz” asked the President to reduce dividends. Now “Rosneftegaz” has decided to address for protection to the President. According to officials, all waiting for Putin’s response.

The publication also notes that officials can’t estimate and dividends “Rosneft”. So, at the request of the government, addressed to state-owned companies, to October 14 to give a profit forecast and dividends for the 2017-2019 years, “Rosneft” has given the data only for 2015. Vice-President “Rosneft” Pavel Fedorov in the letter Britanskomu explained that “two objective circumstances”, in both the fault of the government.

Representatives of other state companies on the question of how did they provided their forecasts for dividends, declined to comment. Only the representative of “Russian grids” stated that the forecast of the Agency, taking account of the forecast Minekonomrazvitija directed.