In the seven CIS countries began large-scale testing of air defense system

In the seven CIS countries began large-scale exercise of the United air defense system, said in a statement, the defense Ministry, “Interfax”.

During exercise will be worked out with the use of active-duty air defense forces “on air courts violators of the rules of airspace, aircraft — to the violators of the state borders of the countries-participants of the CIS, stolen aircraft, and in providing assistance to the crews of aircraft in distress”, the report said.

In the exercise involved air defense forces of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. They involve more than 130 command posts and control centers of different levels.

The exercises began on Wednesday, October 26, at 8:00 GMT. Duty in air defense in the Eastern European and Central Asian regions have discovered a contingent of enemy aircraft. His role was played by strategic bombers-rocket carriers Tu-160 and Tu-95MS and Tu-22M3 long-range aviation of Russian air force. In the air were lifted on duty at the air defense crews of MiG-31, su-27 and MiG-29. They get targeting, “conducted aerial reconnaissance, came out in a zone interceptions and carried out a conditional destruction targets”.

The exercise involved about a hundred aircraft, including fighter aircraft, su — 27, MiG-31, MiG-29, bombers su-24, su-34 attack aircraft — su-25 long — range aircraft- the Tu-22, Tu-160, Tu-95, helicopters Ka-27, Mi-8 of armed forces of these countries. The exercise also involved units of Radiotechnical troops and anti-aircraft missile troops, assigned to the joint air defense system.

Exercises are in air space of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia, said TASS.

Management of forces and means of air defense, participating in large-scale exercise, carried out from the control center of the Russian space forces in Moscow region.

Earlier, on October 26, in the Orenburg region for academic alarm was raised, the crew, the arms of which are operatively-tactical complexes “Iskander-M”. This was reported by “RIA Novosti” with reference to the assistant commander of the Central military district (CVO) Colonel Jaroslav Roshchupkin. Anxiety is part of a reference check by the end of this school year, said Roshchupkin.

The alarm within the control check on the results of the 2016 school year October 16, was raised stationed in Western and southern Siberia connections and military units of the Central military district. In it, according to the defense Ministry, took part more than 20 thousand soldiers. In the maneuvers were involved battalions of antiaircraft missile systems s-300 and s-400.

In early September the Russian army held a strategic command and staff exercises “Caucasus-2016”, which involved more than 12 thousand soldiers. Training was conducted on the grounds of the southern military district and in the waters of the Black and Caspian seas. The defense Ministry reported that the exercises “Caucasus-2016” will involve anti-aircraft missile system s-400 Triumf, s-300 Favorit missile and gun complexes ground-based “Carapace-C”.

The exercises “Caucasus-2016” was preceded by the most ambitious in the half year review of the readiness of the Russian armed forces, during which there were 12 special exercises for the types of comprehensive support, including for the first time by types of collateral of the Navy.