The Kremlin said the arrival of Hope Savchenko in Moscow

“All legal actions against Savchenko was executed, she was not denied entry to the territory of the Russian Federation, so there’s nothing to respond,” — said Peskov, commenting on the arrival of Nadezhda Savchenko in Moscow at the meeting of the Supreme court, where the appeal is considered in the case of Ukrainians Stanislaus Cliche and Nicholas Karpuk.

Earlier on Wednesday it became known that Savchenko, who was sentenced in Russia and later pardoned by Vladimir Putin, came to Moscow for the session of the Supreme court. This was reported by lawyer Ilya Novikov. However, her lawyer Nikolai Polozov stressed that legal obstacles to a visit to Russia Savchenko no.

“From a formal point of view, it is absolutely a free man,” he said. Savchenko on entry to Russia was imposed, explained the lawyer Polozov.

Savchenko, arrived the building of the Supreme court of Russia, did not speak with reporters. Previously, she has repeatedly made harsh statements in the address of the Russian authorities, and against the Ukrainian authorities.