Trump has offered to start an investigation against Obama

“Obama knew all about the use of Clinton’s personal mail, that’s why he clung to it,” said trump in an interview with Reuters. “This means that against him should be investigated,” he added.

Later accusations against President trump spoke at a rally of his supporters in Florida. “As you probably remember, President Obama claimed that he knew nothing about the fact that Clinton uses the personal e-mail. This guy is as bad as she is”, — quotes the candidate of the Republican party Washington examiner.

The reason for the statements trump become the latest revelations published by Wikileaks. It was about the letter of the assistant to the President Cheryl mills’s campaign Manager, Clinton John Podesta. In it she indicates that the White house received emails from Hillary Clinton, who at the time was Secretary of state, ‘ without requiring the extension

“In other words, mills wrote that Obama knew that Clinton wrote to him with the illegal’. But he argued back,” said trump.

Earlier, the Republican candidate promised that after winning the presidential elections will instruct the Prosecutor General to investigate against Clinton. During the debates in Missouri right trump said the former Secretary of state, that her going to jail.