Trump saw in the Clinton plan on Syria the threat of a third world war

In an interview with Reuters that trump gave his Golf club in Florida, the presidential candidate has criticized the plan of her rival, Hillary Clinton, involving the creation of a no-fly zone and a security zone on the ground to protect the civilian population in Syria.

According to him, it may “lead to third world war”, because there is a likelihood of conflict with the armed forces of nuclear weapons in Russia.

Trump said that for him, more fundamental, is the victory over the “Islamic state”, banned in Russia as a terrorist organization, not the departure from office of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. “It is not necessary to focus on Syria, it is necessary to focus on the IG,” — said the candidate of the Republican party.

“You do not fight just in Syria, you are fighting with Syria, Russia, Iran,” scanatron.

Also, the Republican candidate said he did not understand how Clinton would in future negotiate with Russian President Vladimir Putin, after she “demonized” him during the election campaign.

Criticized trump and members of the Republican party who did not support his candidacy. “If we had party unity, we would not be able to play Hillary Clinton”, — he stressed.

The topic of Syria has become a major during the election campaign in the United States. So, during the last debate, which took place in Las Vegas, trump said that Putin “has surpassed Clinton and Obama on every point, including in Syria.”

At the beginning of the year candidate from the Republican party called “idiocy” simultaneous fight against ISIS and Assad. He stated that he did not believe the Syrian President is a good man, but he also pointed out that the main problem for America is a terrorist organization.