During opposition March in Venezuela riots took place with the shooting

In Venezuela during anti-government March there were riots with the shooting, reports Reuters.

According to the Minister of internal Affairs of Venezuela, néstor Reverol, in the shooting death of one police officer, two law enforcement officers were injured.

The protest of the opposition started after the decision of the officials on suspension of procedure of collection of signatures for a referendum on the termination of powers of President Nicolas Maduro.

As transfers bi-Bi-si, on the streets in different cities of the country left hundreds of thousands of demonstrators. The clashes of protesters with the police occurred in several places, particularly in the cities of San Cristobal and Maracaibo. Just suffered more than 20 people and 39 arrested, according to local human rights organizations.

According to their information, at least three protesters received gunshot wounds. According to other sources, only in Merida, injuring over 20 people.