Mizulina proposed new form of liability for parents

A member of the Federation Council introduced a bill on the introduction of a new form of parental responsibility: a written warning which is passed to the deprivation of parental rights or their limitations. The draft on amendments to the Family code, the Senator was presented at the meeting of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation and state building.

“We propose to introduce a new form of the Family code, a warning to parents, it’s like the most mild form of responsibility. Then there is a restriction and deprivation of parental rights,” Mizulina is quoted by “Interfax”. According to her, this rule should apply “if you do not have sufficient grounds for restriction of parental rights”.

Moreover, Mizulina proposed to reduce the number of grounds on which you can deprive of the parental rights or restrict them. In her opinion, poverty, poor housing, debt on payment of utilities, lack of registration should not be a basis to limit parental rights. The evasion of alimony or alcoholism should not be grounds for termination of parental rights, according to the Senator, they should be referred to the grounds for restrictions of rights, because “in patients with chronic alcoholism have a chance to recover.”

If the parents have committed an intentional offence, to deprive them of parental rights only after the court decision comes into force, offered Mizulina. In the event of his acquittal, she said, “the investigation can take years, and the child all the time in the orphanage. Only by a legally effective court sentence is grounds for termination of parental rights. And still need to see what kind of crime was committed by people”, — said Mizulina. The bill would also legalize the abolition of adoptions during the first three years. “And on expiry of the adoptive parent equal to the parent. Wants to refuse termination of parental rights,” explained the Senator.

In recent months she has performed with several legislative initiatives. In June 2016, the state Duma has registered a bill to ban the baby boxes. It proposes for the creation of “specialized places for the anonymous abandonment of a child” to punish a legal person by a fine from 1 to 5 million RUB or apply “administrative suspension of activity for up to ninety days.” In October the government refused to approve it and sent it back for revision.

Another bill Mizulina related to the decriminalization of family beating. 19 October, “Vedomosti” wrote that the government Commission on legislative activities has not supported this idea Mizulina. The next day, the Senator proposed a ban on the government to give formal feedback on any of the bills on the amendments to the criminal code. According to Mizulina, these reviews were unconstitutional. “I think that it is necessary to deprive the Government the right to give formal feedback on any of the bills on the amendments to the criminal code,” — said Mizulina.