Putin called foolish fears about the military threat from Russia

Speaking at the meeting of the International discussion club “Valdai”, Putin said that “the West is constantly stamped fictitious, mythical [views], like the notorious Russian military threat”. He called such speculation “ridiculous”. The broadcast of the meeting leads the TV channel “Russia 24”.

Putin linked the statement about coming from Russia threatened to increase military budgets. “Indeed, it is a profitable lesson: can a new military budgets to punch in their own countries, to bend the allies in the interests of one superpower to expand NATO, to bring the infrastructure of the Alliance, military units, new equipment to our borders,” — said the President of Russia.

According to him, “very nice, and sometimes profitable to pretend to be defenders of civilization from some new barbarians.” “However, the fact that Russia is to attack anyone not going. And the funny this is”, — declared Putin. He said he read analytical materials of the forum, as well as “analysts from the USA, Europe”.

“Unthinkable just silly and unrealistic. In Europe alone, 300 million [people] and all NATO members… the Total population of NATO countries — 600 million people, in Russia — 146 million is Just ridiculous to even talk about it, but it is still used to achieve their political goals,” Putin said (quoted by “Interfax”).

Earlier, addressing the participants of club “Valdai”, Putin lashed out at Western countries, without naming them. “Considering themselves winners in the cold war — not believing, and right, we heard right thinking about it, some countries prefer to start just a facelift of the world political and economic order for themselves, for their own interests, — Putin said. — Prefer not to create and not to improve universal institutions, and tried to extend it to the whole world of its own structures, norms and rules”.

Annual meeting of the International discussion club “Valdai” in Sochi. Putin takes part in it annually. His speech now came amid accusations of the West against Russia in connection with the worsening situation in Syria and the background remaining difficult situation in the East of Ukraine.

Commenting on the accusations against Russia, Putin told the forum participants that he “wanted… to have a propaganda machine in Russia”. But this is, unfortunately, not so. We have no such global mass media like CNN, BBC and others. We have such opportunities yet,” Putin said (quoted by TASS).