“The world has changed”: what Putin said at the meetings of the club “Valdai”


2014: “during interviews with the leaders of the United States, Europe is constantly talking about the need for joint fight against terrorism as a challenge on a global scale. And this challenge cannot be tolerated and it is impossible to stop using double standards”.

2015: “the international community it is time to understand what we’re dealing with. In fact, the enemy of civilization, humanity and world culture, which bears the ideology of hatred and barbarism that violates the moral values of world religions, including Islam, compromising it. And no need to play with words, to divide terrorists into moderate and immoderate”.

2016: “Terrorist groups continue to arm, supply, train in the hope of using them, as before, to achieve their political goals. This is a very dangerous game. I want to again apply to such players: in this case, the extremists are smarter, smarter and stronger than you, and flirting with them, you will always lose.”


2014: “Sanctions, of course, hinder us, these sanctions we are trying to harm, block our development and push for self-isolation in politics, economy, culture, that is retardation push. But the world has changed dramatically. We do not intend to close and choose a closed path development, the path of self-sufficiency, always ready to dialogue, including on normalizing economic relations, and political too.”

2015: “Sanctions are used also as an instrument of unfair competition to oust or even “throw away” rivals from the markets. As an example, a real epidemic of fines imposed, including European companies from the United States. In the course are flimsy excuses, and harshly punished those who dared to violate the unilateral American sanctions. <…> So do vassals who dared to act on their own — they are punished for bad behavior.”

2016: “We see sacrifice freedom of trade and use so-called sanctions for political pressure. To bypass the world trade organization are trying to foster closed economic alliances with strict rules and barriers, where the main beneficiaries of their transnational corporations”.


2014: “In Syria, as in the old days, the United States and its allies directly started funding and supplying weapons to the militants, to pander to replenish their ranks by mercenaries from different countries.”

2015: “Our military in Syria are fighting terrorism and in this sense protect the interests of the Syrian people. But not only that. First of all, they protect the interests of Russia and the Russian people. <…> Our goal is to defeat terrorism and help President Assad to triumph over terrorism and thereby create conditions for the start and hopefully the successful conduct of the political settlement process.”

2016: “they say that in Syria, only multiplied the number of terrorists because of the actions of Russia in Aleppo. But is that the multiplication of terrorism? Is in Iraq were terrorists? Close there were no terrorists in Iraq before the destruction of the state structures of the country. Once they are destroyed, once the vacuum has been filled. Who? Terrorists. As soon as the war started in Syria, and it started long before our involvement in these events, there once were the terrorists, and they began to supply arms, to educate, to encourage Assad. They can, according to some, to send [the right direction], and then to deal with them. Anything after will not. Will not work. That’s the problem.”

Military threats

2014: “Many States do not see any other ways of ensuring their sovereignty but to obtain their own bomb. It is extremely dangerous. We insist on the continuation of talks, we are not just talks — we insist on continuing talks to reduce nuclear arsenals. The less nuclear weapons in the world, the better.”

2015: “World peace has been and remains the ideal of humanity. <…> The problem, however, is that the output of the accumulated contradictions are often sought after all through the war. And the war itself served as a means of establishing new international relations in General”.

2016: “Permanently stamped threat of fictional, mythical, such as the notorious Russian military threat. <…> Of course, very nice, and sometimes profitable to pretend to be defenders of civilization from some new barbarians. However, the fact that Russia is to attack anyone not going. And it’s funny. Unthinkable just silly and unrealistic. In Europe alone, 300 million — and all NATO members. The total population of NATO countries 600 million people, in Russia — 146 million is Just ridiculous to even talk about it, but it’s still used to achieve their political goals.”


2014: “Is difficult, but, I stress civilized dialogue brought the matter before the coup, plunged the country into chaos in the collapse of the economy, the social sphere, in the civil war with huge casualties”.

2015: “I think already talked about this, that there is no other way if we want to achieve long-term peace in the South-East of Ukraine and the reconstitution of the territorial integrity of the country, no other way but to implement the Minsk agreements, does not exist.”

2016: “the Minsk agreements in black and white — 30 days should be taken in Ukraine a resolution that would have outlined the geographic boundaries of the districts, which have started to operate the law on the special status. Because the only thing that was missing, so he started to work, is the geographical borders. It would seem that the law would immediately take effect. He was adopted, voted and approved by the government of the Republic. But the Ukrainian side has released a Supplement to the act, which says that the law will act only after the municipal elections in this territory, has postponed a key law for the settlement again.”


2014: “the Cold war is over. But it did not end with the signing of a peace Treaty with clear and transparent agreements on respecting existing or creation of new regulations and standards. The impression that the so-called winners had decided to pressure events and reshape the world solely for themselves, for their own interests.”

2015: “of Course, the United States has a huge, the world’s largest military capabilities, just always difficult to play a double game. To announce the fight against terrorists and at the same time try to use some of them in order to place the pieces on the middle East Board to their advantage, as it seems, in their own interests”.

2016: “I want to ask you to ask this question: does anyone seriously think that Russia can somehow influence the choice of the American people? America, which is a banana country? America is a great power. If I’m wrong — correct me, please.”