In Lithuania issued a training manual with rules of conduct “in the case of the occupation”

The Lithuanian authorities have released the Handbook, which tells how the citizens should protect themselves in case of invasion of any country, reports CNN.

The book is entitled “Preparations for survival in conditions of emergency and war.” “Attention must be paid to the actions of neighboring countries — Russia,” — quotes CNN of the quotes from the tutorial. It includes, in particular, detailed images of Russian tanks and weapons, as well as instructions on how to distinguish. The manual also provides instructions for providing first aid and survival in the wild. The TV station reports that the training manual “details how the Lithuanians have to spy and inform on the enemy, if Russia is able to occupy part of the country”

“We are demonstrating that anyone who crosses our border, will have strong resistance on the part of our society and of our armed forces,” — said in an interview with CNN, the Minister of defense of Lithuania Juozas Olekas.

Results will be released 30 million copies of the 75-page manual. It will be available in schools and libraries, as well as for download via the Internet. The TV station said that this allowance was the third. Last released in December 2015, contained in itself the image of cartoon characters, who explained that it is important not to panic, as any country is not insured against war.

The authorities of the Baltic countries in recent months have repeatedly expressed concerns about possible threats from Russia. Moscow calls them baseless. Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with Bloomberg in September called assumptions concerning possible threats from Russia, “nonsense.”