Media reported about the large-scale rebel offensive in Aleppo

Group of Syrian rebels launched a big offensive to break the siege of Eastern Aleppo, pursued by the troops of the Syrian government, the Associated Press reports, adding that the city began the “fierce fighting”.

Reporter government Mayadeen TV channel, says the Agency, said the attack “on all fronts” — “from the farthest points in the North to the farthest points in the South.” During the live broadcast of the channel, the AP says, was heard “heavy gunfire, mortar fire and explosions”. In addition, they were heard flying aircraft — presumably, the Russian and the Syrian.

Referring to the rebel coalition the Islamic front, the Agency reports that Islamist fighters of “Ahrar al-sham” fired from “Gradov” a military airport in the East, and a governmental position in the West of Aleppo.

According to the Syrian monitoring centre for human rights, based in London, writes the Associated Press, in governmental positions in the South-West of the city blew up two vehicles of the rebels. The human rights defenders also reported released by the government of Syria 150 missiles.

In addition, the center said about 15 civilians killed and 100 wounded in the shelling of the West of Aleppo.

The representative of group “Fastack” Ammar sakkar said that “all revolutionary groups, without exception, take part in fights.”

The city of Aleppo, divided between rebels and government forces. In the past month, Syrian troops with the support of Russian air strikes on Aleppo. Moscow says that among the rebels there are a large number of terrorists. Their separation from the rebels, with whom it is possible to cease-fire, was the main demand of Russian diplomacy. Western countries compare the situation in Aleppo with war crime and blamed on Russia.

Last week, 18 October, the Russian military announced the termination of air strikes on Aleppo. They explained this with the desire to give the opportunity to prepare for evacuation. 20 Oct launched Russia announced a “humanitarian pause”. Moscow suggested the militants and the civilians to leave the city, but the rebels refused this offer.

On 22 October, the Syrian human rights activists reported about the resumption of air strikes on Aleppo. Syrian Observatory for human rights said that the bombing was attended by both Russian and Syrian military. At the same time, according to him, increased shelling between government and rebel troops.

Three days later the chief of the main operations Directorate of the General staff Sergey rudskoy said that the Russian air forces will not strike at Aleppo and its surroundings, in spite of the failure of the evacuation of the city during the “humanitarian pause”. “Once again I pay your attention that since October 18, a ten-kilometer zone around Aleppo completely stopped flying aircraft of Russian air force and Syrian air force. This mode is observed to this day,” he said.

On the same day, the defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said that the Russian space forces and the Syrian air force the last seven days has not carried out air strikes on Aleppo. “Planes do not approach the city and do not inflict strikes”, — he noted. Humanitarian corridors in the East of Aleppo continue to be open, the General said.