The Ministry of Finance proposed to introduce in Russia the poverty benefits

The Ministry of Finance of Russia deem it proper to introduce in Russia the poverty benefits. About it in interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” said Deputy Finance Minister Tatyana Nesterenko.

According to her, a similar experience exists in most countries of the world. The right to participate in this program receive all of the family income and the security of property which is below the established at the country level, she said.

“Today it would be right for us to move on to the application of the principle of neediness in the appointment of private social benefits, and to discuss the possibility of introducing new types of benefits — benefits for poverty” – said Nesterenko.

She stressed that it is necessary to legislatively define the concept of “neediness”, and also uniform criteria of need, the order of evaluation of the income and property of the family and other settings. Now social support is targeted on a categorical principle, she said.

The question reflected whether the proposal for a new allowance in the draft budget for the next three years, Nesterenko said: “We believe that such work should be conducted to find an acceptable and agreed decisions. But in terms of a budget for 2017-2019, changes in this area in the budget projections are not provided.”