United Russia has proposed fining MPs for absenteeism

The penalty for truancy

The Secretary General Council of “United Russia” Sergey Neverov and the head of the Duma Committee on rules Olga Savastianova in November, I plan to introduce to the state Duma a bill that introduces fines for members who are skipping meetings without a valid reason. This was told by a source in the leadership of the state Duma and confirmed Neverov.

According to the source , is discussed and deduct the money from wages are those deputies who “fully promocional meeting of the state Duma and during the day never got registered in the hall.”

On the day of the meetings, the deputies should be recorded three times in the morning before the plenary session after the first break and after the second.

Pass each plenary meetings — and their six month — according to a source in the leadership of the state Duma, may entail a penalty of one-sixth of the parliamentary salary, which equals to 59.9 per thousand. Monthly salary of the Deputy today is 359,5 thousand RUB

Previously, the need to penalize MPs for absenteeism said Sergei Neverov in the air of TV channel “Russia 1”: “Six plenary meetings per month conducted by our colleagues. If you do not come, one-sixth of the (salary — ) it is necessary to take. Did not come again, another one-sixth”, — said United Russia.

Fines will not affect members who miss the meeting for valid reasons. 19 Oct as such causes the state Duma has determined the stay at the hospital, in a business trip abroad with a delegation of the state Duma, a mission Deputy in the region, the performance of members of the Council of the Duma of the authority that assigned to them — for example, if we are talking about the speaker, it can be a meeting of the security Council.

At the same time, according to a source in the leadership of the state Duma, members can take time off at their own expense — to do this, the MP will have to write a letter to the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin.

Neverov confirmed that a bill on fines for truancy is now being developed: “Made in the regulations of the Duma of changes (referring to the prohibition to vote by proxy — a ) is punishable by a discussion about the responsibility for the failure by a Deputy of their duties, simply due to absenteeism”. However, according to him, the rate must “carefully consider” having studied the world practice. United Russia also has not excluded that will be discussed is the norm, according to which, “if a member at least once a day signed up in the courtroom, it will not be considered a truancy”.

The challenge for the “United Russia”

The question of how to control whether the MP is self-checked into the room or it did for his colleague, still not solved. There are, according to a source in the leadership of the state Duma, the scenario under which the system will be introduced when Parliament registered the fingerprint, but “we are unlikely to go down this path”. Therefore considered the possibility that a special control system to implement will not be relying on “self-organization of deputies”.

Representatives of the opposition factions took the initiative on fines skeptical, though, most likely, will support the amendments.

The purpose of these amendments is to improve discipline in the first place in such a large faction as the “United Russia” says the Deputy from Communist party Alexander Yushchenko. “We had no discipline problems, our faction is mobile, the user is always the topic when someone is missing,” he says. However, “the Communist party voted for the abolition of the warrants, therefore, most likely, will support it, although there will be many questions”.

The decision may be correct, but in reality will not work, said Vice-speaker from LDPR Igor Lebedev. “System identification of the presence or absence of a Deputy does not exist. My neighbor can press my button and I was. But if Alex or the Committee on rules will deduct from my salary the penalty, saying he didn’t see me, then it will not be considered evidence in court if the decision will be appealed”, — said the Deputy. The control system will work only if you acknowledge the presence of MP fingerprint or retinal scan, says Lebedev. Thus, according to Lebedev, the liberal democratic party supports the aspiration to establish discipline in the courtroom.

Not afraid of fines and “Fair Russia”, said spravoross Michael Yemelyans.

The source in one of the opposition factions said that “the effectiveness of Parliament is determined not by pressing the buttons, as long as the Duma was by the Duma, so she could say “no” to the government.” A source in the leadership of the state Duma said that the issue of cooperation with the government Volodin recently raised in the Council of the Duma. This, according to him, the amendments to the regulations, which suggest to the Committee meetings as speakers from relevant ministries came by officials not below the rank of Deputy Minister — that is, those who are really responsible for decision-making.

The work on the image

“In public opinion there is a stamp — “deputies-shirkers”. It is obvious that it is not conducive to the growth of the popularity of the Duma, and Volodin wants to fix it, — the analyst believes Abbas Gallyamov. — If people find out that members now regularly go to work, it can be assumed that the authority of the Parliament will increase.” On the other hand, there is a problem, says the analyst. Voters will be aware that discipline of deputies — a forced thing that absenteeism fined, says Gallyamov. In this sense, they will look something akin to the students, for discipline which follows a strict teacher. “It is unlikely that this perception will strengthen the people’s respect to the deputies,” — says the expert.

Political analyst Yevgeny Minchenko believes that Volodin poses the problem of the professionalization of parliamentarians and of “squeezing businessmen who came to the Duma to do business”: “And they say that they will be engaged in Deputy activity. The logic is exactly that.” According to experts, in the medium term the problem will be solved: “Maybe someone from the business will simply reject the mandate, and in the next Duma, the business simply won’t work.”

Volodin himself, speaking on October 25 at the meeting of the discussion club “Valdai”, as the three main objectives of the state Duma called improving the effectiveness of representative functions of Parliament, the quality of legislative drafting and the strengthening of parliamentary control.

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As deputies are forced to work abroad


According to Article 52 of the Constitution of Kazakhstan “…the absence of a Deputy without good cause at the meetings of the Chambers and their bodies more than three times, as well as the transfer of voting rights entails the use of a Deputy statutory penalties”. In practice, this manifests itself depending on the period of absence the deduction from salary, deprivation of the right to use the official car, etc.


For skipping a session of Parliament provides for the deduction of wages and compensation in proportion to days missed.


In Armenia, the deputies have not been paid for each day of absence at the hearings without good reason. Pass more than half of the meetings may be grounds for withdrawal of parliamentary powers.

The European Parliament

For missing a vote without good reason faces a penalty of 150 euros.

Poland, Portugal, Romania

Truancy is punishable by a fine whose amount shall be proportional to the number of missed meetings.

Bulgaria, Hungary, France, Ukraine

Truancy is punishable by a fine whose amount shall be proportional to the number of missed sessions in the case where the number of absences exceeded the allowed number of rules.


Lack of absence of four or more meetings, shall be punishable by deprivation of wages and remuneration for the following month.


For each meeting missed without a valid reason, the Deputy shall be punished by a fine of 20% of wages.


The MP, who visited all the meetings of the Parliament, will be rewarded with a cash award in the amount of half the monthly salary.


The vote of one member for another is a criminal offense. The number of allowed pass sessions established by the regulations. The excess of permits over regulation is punishable by deduction from salary. Names of deputies and fined the amount of the fine published in the official publication.

UK, Netherlands, Czech Republic

In these countries the proposal to adopt measures stimulating the visit of the deputies of meetings were rejected.