In “assistance” announced the creation of weapons against the swarms of strike drones

The representative of the Corporation told TASS.

“To fight massed strikes robotic systems need a weapon that will affect drones on a fundamentally different level. And the weapons in Russia have been created,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, the new facility does not destroy the drones physically and does not create interference for them. It is “guaranteed to incapacitate electronic onboard systems, turning the drone into a useless piece of dead iron and plastic.”

The representative of UIC said that in the fight with the drones of traditional weapons such as small arms, air defense systems and conventional electronic warfare systems, ineffective.

“Our system simply will not allow the swarm of robots to reach the destination”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

In March 2016, the official representative of “Rostec” told that OPK creates the control system and perimeter security is particularly important civil and military installations. He said that the system will consist of three drones helicopter type, fiber optic cable and control with computers to process information. The system development time — two years, samples of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVS) are already there, he says.

The initial price set for customers, he explained, will amount to RUB 10 million, the investment volume in the project, the Corporation does not disclose, but it wants to take by the year 2025 half of the Russian market of robotics for civil use 8-10 billion rubles. per year.

According to calculation of specialists, the module must ensure the protection of the perimeter length of about 100 km, the System reads the vibrations of the surface with a fiber-optic cable, allowing you to define an object that intruded into the protected space. The interviewee said that “rostec” is counting on demand from military bases, airports, defense companies, oil companies.

There are analogues of solutions, which is developing the defence industry. For example, an English company Amba Defence provides protection of objects and areas using drones not only in Britain but also in other countries. American company Optellios manufactures security systems with fiber-optic sensors, thanks to which you can also detect unauthorized access to the facility. Financial performance Amba Defence and Optellios not disclosed.