Supporters of Assad, said the Aleppo chemical weapons

As reported by Reuters, the representative of the militia Aleppo, Syrian army position in the South-West of the city were fired homemade rockets with poison gas. The incident occurred in the Academy of Assad. “What kind of chemical was used, is hard to say,” – said the source Agency of the Agency.

On 28 October, the media reported that in South-West Aleppo, opposition forces undertook a major offensive to break through the positions of the government army and the lifting of the blockade of the Eastern part of the city, which is controlled by Assad’s opponents. However, there is no evidence that this attack was a success.

As reported by Iranian news Agency Fars, in connection with the actions of the rebels, the authorities intend to throw at Aleppo additional parts. In addition, it is indicated that in the last two days, Syrian and Russian planes attacked three of the convoy moving towards the city.

On 28 October, the defense Ministry of Russia appealed to President Vladimir Putin asking to resume attacks on Eastern districts of Aleppo in connection with the intensification of the militants. However, the head of state considered it inappropriate.