The ex-commander of “Aydar” explained the appearance of his $38 billion

In a press-service of the former commander of the volunteer battalion “Aydar” Sergey Melnichuk, and nowadays the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine explained why the income Declaration, he wrote that he has 1 trillion hryvnia ($38 billion) in cash, reports “Apostrophe”. “It was such a bad joke on his part,” — said surrounded by Melnychuk.

In Deputy group “people’s Will”, which includes the former commander of “Aydar”, promised that he Melnychuk will shortly make a clarification.

The edition “Correspondent” indicates that according to the Ukrainian legislation for providing false data in the electronic Declaration provides for criminal liability of up to two years of imprisonment.

According to the Declaration Melnichuk, the annual income of the former commander of the battalion reached the parliamentary salary of 73 thousand UAH (about $2.9 thousand). In addition, according to the Declaration, ownership Melnychuk is an apartment in Vinnitsa area of 65,1 sq. m, land in Vinnytsia region, is located on an area of 2 450 sq. m and two cars — GAS 1988 model year, and Jeep Grand Cherokee.

29 Oct, your tax return for 2015 were published by the son of the President of Ukraine, people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Alexey Poroshenko. According to reports, he owns a office in Vinnitsa 178,50 total area sq m (1.8 million UAH) and 50% of the apartments in Kiev (80,66 sq. m), the second part of which belongs to his wife Yulia Poroshenko. In addition, the son of the head of Ukraine registered three — car GAS 1981 BMW 320i Cabrio and Land Rover Discovery 4.0.