In the Senate, said the presence of FBI evidence linking trump with Russia

The leader of the Democrats in the US Senate Harry Reid demanded that the head of the Federal Bureau of investigation James Komi to disclose information about the relationship of Republican candidate Donald trump of Russia. According to him, the Agency has evidence of such links.

“During the contacts with you and other senior officials in national security, it became clear that you have sensational information about the close connection and coordination between Donald trump, his key advisers and the Russian government, which openly expressed hostility of the United States, and which trump praises at every opportunity”, — said in a letter to Reid, the head of the FBI, published on the website of the Senator.

Reid chided Komi in double standards when handling confidential information in order to play along with the election of one of the parties. Additionally, Reid writes that the actions of the head of the FBI could be breaking the law. According to the Senator, the public has a right to know the information about trump and publication of this information does not hurt American interests, said Reid.