Moscow authorities have not received any requests for “Russian March”

The Deputy head of the regional security Department Vasily Oleinik said that the Moscow government and the Department of regional security have not received any notification about the holding of “Russian March”. Including no orders and from the ex-leader of the banned Russian movement “Russian” Dmitry Demushkin, said the official.

November 4, Russia celebrates the national unity Day. The holiday commemorates the liberation of Moscow from Polish invaders in 1612. Since 2005, the nationalists held annually in different cities of Russia and CIS countries, “Russian March”. According to Oleynik, only the Moscow authorities have received 12 notifications of public events on November 4, but all of these activities “devoted to celebration of Day of national unity”. The official said that all the organizers who submitted a notification of allocated areas for holding events.

“The organizers of public events must comply with the rules 54-FZ [“On assemblies, rallies, demonstrations, processions and picketing”]. In the case of the public event outside the established places law enforcement can be accepted all those rules of law which will be violated by those who come to the venue of the public event,” warned the Deputy head of Department of regional security.

Oleinik confirmed that the deadline to which the organizers of public events 4 November to apply has passed. An application for holding a public event shall be submitted not earlier than 15 and no later than 10 days before the event, referred to in paragraph 1, article 5 54 of the law on assemblies and rallies.

In 2014, the state Duma approved tougher penalties for violations during rallies. For repeated violation of the law on meetings and rallies face up to five years in prison, a fine of up to 1 million rubles or compulsory work up to 480 hours.

Despite the statement Oleynik about the lack of bids to host the “Russian March”, among nationalists claimed to have applied for the holding of “Russian March”.

Earlier, on October 28, member of the organizing Committee of “Russian March” Denis Romanov on his page in Facebook reported that in Moscow for the first time since 2008 banned the rally of nationalists on November 4. The activist reported that the municipality had rejected the application to hold the event on all three proposed routes of the nationalists. What are the routes proposed by the nationalists, Romanov said. “One way or another, but no one is not going to surrender, in any case, the celebration will be held in the framework of the law (I emphasize — in the framework of the law)”, — said the activist.

October 21, Presnensky court of Moscow was placed under house arrest by the leader of the nationalists and the traditional organizer of “Russian marches” Dmitry Demushkin, passing on the case of extremism. During the court session on the question of the remand investigation was applied on the direction of the nationalist in jail for violation of bail in the case on extremism.

Investigators also said Demushkin need to be sent to jail because he is going to organize a “Russian March”. A representative of investigation said that the participation of nationalist organizations of the campaign may provoke other crimes.