Poroshenko has declared 104 companies and 62 million UAH of income

In the Unified state register of declarations of persons authorized to perform state functions or local self-government of Ukraine published a Declaration of the President of Petro Poroshenko.

It follows that the main job Poroshenko received 121 thousand hryvnia. In addition, he has declared 104 of the company more than 62 million hryvnias of the cumulative income, as well as securities 160 million. Bank accounts Poroshenko declared 26.3 million $ 14.3 thousand euros and 540 thousand hryvnias.

Among the Poroshenko-owned companies were “Closed non-diversified corporate investment Fund “Prime assets capital”, JSC “Kiev factory of experimental designs”, “Plant “Lenin’s smithy”, “international Investment Bank”, “Sevastopol marine plant”, “IC “Krayina”, “peskovsky glassware factory”, “sevmorverf”, “Sovmortrans”, “Medservice plus”. Some companies Poroshenko was in Ukraine, some in Russia, Spain, the Netherlands, Hungary, Lithuania, China, Poland and in Cyprus and the British virgin Islands.

As follows from the Declaration, he has a house, bought for 30 million and 6 plots of land.