Putin signed the law on the suspension of the agreement on plutonium

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the Federal law on the suspension of the agreement with the US on plutonium disposition. The document is published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

From the text of the law implies that the Russian government froze the agreement on cooperation in the field of waste plutonium and waste “in connection with a fundamental change of circumstances, the threats to strategic stability in a hostile action” in the United States against Russia and the failure of the American government “to fulfil obligations for the disposal of excess weapons-grade plutonium” in accordance with approved protocols.

To renew the agreement the Russian side will agree, subject to the reduction of military infrastructure and contingent of the U.S. army on the territory of countries — members of NATO. Russia is ready to renegotiate the agreement after the abolition of all political and economic restrictions imposed by the USA against Russia, and the compensation of damages incurred as a result of the sanctions. Also Moscow will be introduced in 2012 “Magnitsky act” and the law 2014 “on freedom support of Ukraine”.

The Federal law was passed by the Parliament on 19 October, later, on October 26, it was approved by the Federation Council.

In early October, the Russian foreign Ministry stressed that, despite the withdrawal from the agreement, Russia is not going to use plutonium for military purposes. The Kremlin said that Moscow “alone” comply with the provisions of the agreement and intention to continue to do so.