The Iraqi military announced the start of the fighting in Mosul

Iraqi troops entered Mosul for the first time in two weeks since the beginning of the battle for the capture of the city. About this Reuters said General Wissam Araji, who represents the US trained Iraqi special forces to combat terrorism.

According to the General Araji, currently fighting in the urban area of Karama.

At the same time CNN reports that Iraqi forces will enter the city “in the coming hours”. The broadcaster quoted another General statement on state television. He said that the Department for combating terrorism, “are moving very quickly.” According to him, it is not about days, but about a few hours prior to the start of Stripping of Mosul from the terrorists.

Iraqi troops entered Mosul Video: Channel

The attack on Mosul began in mid-October, but before that the battles were fought in the vicinity of the city, considered the capital of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) in Iraq.

Last week the counter-terrorism and army units stopped the attack, as the group ahead of forces on other fronts, the pace of progress. When Monday, 31 October, it became known about the resumption of the advance. As Reuters wrote, the military plans to withdraw to the Eastern Bank of the Tigris river, which divides Mosul into two parts.

The second largest city of Iraq, Mosul is under the control of ISIS well over two years. 17 Oct Iraqi and Kurdish troops backed by Western countries launched an operation to liberate the city. Later, on October 23, to join the battle for Mosul was announced by the Turkey. Iranian-backed Shiite militant group on October 29, also launched an offensive on the positions of militants IG.

Last week, ISIS militants and the retreat was executed dozens of people were in captivity. Killed at least 65 people, most of them is captured in nearby towns, police and military. According to the red cross, as a result of the operation to liberate Mosul refugees can be up to 1 million people.