In the Duma rejected the Finance Ministry the right to personally reallocate the military budget

The proposal to transfer the Minister of Finance the right person, without amending the law on the Federal budget, to reallocate up to 10% of the budgets of the defense Ministry, interior Ministry, national guard, Federal security service and the intelligence contained in the government bill amending the Budget code. The state Duma adopted in the first reading on Wednesday, November 2.

Amendment of the independent Ministry of Finance redistribution of part of the defense and security budgets “will allow to increase efficiency and flexibility in using these funds and in General to increase their effectiveness,” said Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Lavrov at the plenary session of the Duma. According to him, the project initiated by law enforcement agencies — “in the current situation” current law provisions do not provide their desired efficiency in the use of budgetary funds.

And the state Duma Committee on budget and accounts chamber and the Duma faction of United Russia, whose Parliament a constitutional majority in favour of rejecting the initiatives of the government, said the Chairman of the budget Committee Andrey Makarov. It’s about the fact that 10% of the budget to give “just what would be the Minister of Finance to implement (budget) a painting,” explained the Deputy. “It’s not a question of trust or mistrust, but it’s powers of parliamentary control,” — said Makarov. According to him, to accept the proposal of the government means to “give up our powers.”

That the authorities need to be able to respond more quickly to needs in the field of defence and security, said earlier the President and the security Council, recalled Makarov. But none of them “never attempt to leave these uncontrolled costs,” said the Deputy.

According to Makarov, in 2016 only in the open part of the budget on defense and security are 144,9 billion rubles to resolve the issues of redistribution of budgetary spending on defense and security special Committee, which includes MPs and senators; in addition, the Duma has a Commission on closed articles of the budget — to ensure secrecy, you can ignore these questions through her, suggested the Makarov.

It is true that the Duma is “delegated” to the Ministry of Finance of the authority, confirmed the Deputy Minister Lavrov. The government, he said, is willing to consider “necessary clarifications” to the second reading of the bill.