Putin instructed to enter a new humanitarian pause in Aleppo on 4 November

“To avoid senseless victims, defense Minister of the Russian Federation army General Sergei Shoigu on behalf of the Supreme commander of the Armed Force, the mi of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin decided to introduce in Aleppo, November 4, from 9 a.m. to 19 p.m. “humanitarian pause”, — stated in the message of Ministry of defense submitted to .

The Agency notes that this decision is agreed with the leadership of the Syrian Arab Republic. “In light of the failure of our American colleagues to separate the opposition from the terrorists, and appeal directly to all leaders of armed groups to cease hostilities and to withdraw from Aleppo with his arms. To do this, open two corridors, which will be available to all government forces and equipment,” — said the defense Ministry.

Prepared in Aleppo the Russian Centre of reconciliation humanitarian corridors will work for the release of civilians and militants.