Ukraine has started to use a new method of gas production

Ukraine has started to produce gas by the method of fracking (hydraulic razryv of the reservoir), said in an interview with Bloomberg, the Chairman of the Ukrainian “Naftogaz” Andrew KOBOLEV. For the first time fracking has been used on a gas well about a month ago, said KOBOLEV, did not specify which area of the country. Production is “Ukrgasdobycha”, a subsidiary of “Naftogaz”.

According to KOBOLEV, Kiev, Ukraine needs to increase gas production from the current 20 billion cubic meters per year to 27 billion to fully become self-sufficient in natural gas. “Naftogaz” has no experience in gas production, using fracking, but it’s going to cooperate with partners from other countries, which can provide drilling equipment, said the head of the company.

The method of fracking is commonly applied to shale gas, but may be used for poyasnila returns from traditional wells. According to the energy information Administration of the United States, which leads Bloomberg, in Ukraine can be up to 3.6 trillion cubic meters of shale gas — the fourth largest reserves in Europe. Some media, in particular TASS reported, citing an interview KOBOLEV, Ukraine began to develop it shale gas.

Later, Naftogaz on his page in Facebook said that the shale gas company is not going to do. “We plan to use available modern technology to effectively produce conventional gas,” — said in the message.

Last year Kiev only got 17.4 billion cubic meters — the lowest in 10 years, according to data from the report of the BP Statistical Review. At this statement, “Naftogaz” emphasizes that Ukraine has “sufficient conventional gas reserves to not need imports.”

Ukraine is looking for new sources to increase the amount of gas production after gas supplies to the country last year stopped “Gazprom” from-for absence of payment from Kiev. Ukraine explained its decision by the fact that to buy gas in Europe is cheaper than to import it directly from Russia. Later, Korolev complained of a reduction in the supply of “Gazprom” in Europe, linking it with the pressure on Ukraine. However, the Russian company explained the scheduled maintenance.

“Naftogaz of Ukraine” declared readiness to return to trilateral talks with the European Commission and Gazprom on Russian gas supplies, but so far the purchase has not resumed. Russia is ready to resume exports at any moment, said last week President Vladimir Putin, but only if Kiev will pay an upfront. “The price will not higher than the neighbouring States, particularly for Poland. At the time of our conversation, we have for the commitments that are buying gas somewhere in the $185 per 1 thousand cubic meters,” Putin said (quoted by “Interfax”).

At the end of October, the European Commission has enabled Gazprom to increase gas supplies to bypass Ukraine from 18 billion to 28.2 billion cubic meters per year (we are talking about deliveries at the OPAL, uniting the Nord stream and the gas transmission system in Central and Western Europe). In an interview with Bloomberg KOBOLEV also said that Kiev’s decision was a “shock”, it “will cause significant harm to the financial position of “Naftogaz”, but the whole country.” Now the Ukrainian company is looking for legal ways to solve this situation, said KOBOLEV.