Media have published an audio record of negotiations of crew of “Belavia” Manager

In a Network there was a complete audio record of negotiations of crew of the plane “Belavia” airlines flying from Kiev to Minsk with Ukrainian Manager, demanded from the pilots to return to the departure airport “Zhulyany”. The audio recording posted in Youtube “Agency television news” (ATN) of BTRC.

On the audiotape is heard that the Manager from Kiev threatened in the event of failure of the team to raise combat aircraft to intercept. “Belavia–840, the received indication. You do need to return to the aerodrome of departure “Zhulyany”. For failure will be raised combat aircraft to intercept,” starts the audio recording.

In response to this command, the pilot “Belavia” trying to figure out what it is connected: “what happened?”. “The air can’t pass, Belavia–840. Upon arrival, all will learn”, – says the Manager.

The pilot continued to find out what had happened: “I do Not understand is who gave you?”. The Manager is responsible that the team received from the “Ukraerocentre”. On the question of the crew what the reason, the Manager once again left to answer: “I was instructed to return to the aerodrome of departure”. After that the pilot reports: “Okay. Unfold”.

Previously, the newspaper SB (“Belarus today”) published a transcript of cockpit Belavia from Kyiv managers.

The incident occurred on October 21. The crew of “Belavia” then was instructed by air traffic control in Kiev for 50 km to entering the airspace of Belarus to return to the airport of departure. The press service of the airline then announced that Kiev traffic controllers threatened to raise the fighters in the event of failure of the team. While Kiev has denied that he threatened to raise in the air fighters. In “Belavia” assured that you have audio recordings of the negotiations and promised to publish them if neobhodimosti.

As it turned out, the reason for return flight to Kiev was the fact of being on Board activist “Antimaydana” Armen Martirosyan. In the capital of Ukraine, he was removed from the ship, but after a short time released.