Ex-Governor of the Kaliningrad region returned to work in FSB

Former acting Governor of the Kaliningrad region Evgeny Senichev appointed to the position of Deputy Director of the FSB of Russia. This information appeared on the website of the FSB. According to her, the purpose Senicheva was held in October 2016.

In early October, Russian President Vladimir Putin dismissed the request Senicheva resignation from the post of acting head of the region. He stayed in this post a record time of 70 days. It was reported that Senichev addressed to the head of state “with a request for family reasons to transfer him to another job”. What would it be for “other work” was not reported.

As previously mentioned, Senichev from 2006 to 2015 was a personal aide of Putin — an employee of the Federal security service. In June 2015 has held the post of chief of FSB across the Kaliningrad region. A year later he became acting Governor of the region. In this position, he replaced the Governor of the region Nikolai Tsukanov, who became the presidential envoy in the northwestern Federal district.

After the appointment Senicheva a source close to the Kremlin, explained that former employees of the security Service of the President have the trust of the President. That is why there is nothing surprising in the fact that the President appoints former employees for the posts of governors. One of the interlocutors close to the Kremlin, in a conversation with said that the appointment Senicheva was aimed at solving the difficult political situation in Kaliningrad, where there was a struggle between different groups.

A source close to the leadership of the FSB, reported that after the resignation from the post of acting head of the region Senichev “can return to the homeland”.