The Clinton Foundation has acknowledged receiving $1 million from Qatar to bypass the state Department

Charitable Foundation bill Clinton accepted a donation of $1 million from the state of Qatar at a time when his wife Hillary was Secretary of state. This, according to Reuters, said the press-Secretary of the Fund MAXTRA brown.

Prior to joining the Department of state in 2009, Clinton signed an agreement pledging to report large donations from foreign donors in order to avoid suspicions of conflict of interest.

The representative of the foreign Ministry confirmed to the Agency that Clinton was obliged to notify the state Department about this donation. He explained that the state Department has not received information about the donation from Qatar to the Clinton Foundation.

In October, WikiLeaks published the correspondence of employees of the Fund, from which it follows that the government of Qatar offered to give the Foundation of former U.S. President $1 million in honor of the 65th birthday of bill Clinton. In addition, officials of Qatar asked the Fund managers organize a personal meeting with Clinton.