Assad said the Moscow’s unwillingness to see him as a “puppet President”

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in an interview with The Sunday Times spoke about his relationship with Russia.

He insists he did not become a “puppet of the Kremlin”, despite the recognition that the interference of Russia in a military operation in Syria had an impact on attitude. Assad said even those Syrians who stood up to him, still support his rule, even if they do not like. The Syrian leader asserts that this is because citizens saw that “the alternative is even worse.”

“They [Russia] know that if Syria will lose the war on terrorism, he will prevail in Europe, and it will affect Russia and the world,” he said.

Assad said that the issue of the strikes made by the government. At the same time, the Syrian President stated that he does not use chemical weapons for battle. According to Assad, Russia and its actions rests on two things — “morality and international law”.

“Even if they [Moscow] have their point of view, I always say: “This is your country, you better know.” They never try to intervene, because they do not need. They are not asking to be a puppet President,” — said the President of Syria.

In an interview Assad said that the West is weakening in the provision of influence. He cited the example of when Western partners “did not say anything” due to the purchase of the “Islamic state” (declared a terrorist organization and banned in Russia) smuggling of oil and use of Iraqi oil fields in accordance with the American satellites and drones. “But the Russians intervened, and it became compressed in the full sense of the word,” said Assad.

He also said that 70% of the population is under the control of the government. Aasd admits that they may not sympathize with the current government, however, keep the peace, “because they are tired and lost hope”.