The Ministry of education prepared the first rating of Russian universities

New rating

On Tuesday, November 8, the Ministry of education and science (Ministry of education) has published the rating of the quality of the educational activities of 503 universities, which read . A list of universities by quality of education — a new initiative of the head of Department Olga Vasilyeva, who took a Ministerial post in August 2016. The students of the participating universities were evaluated universities according to the skills guides, the website, the friendliness of the staff, the overall impression of the study and proposed practices.

In a two-week online survey was attended by 103 thousand people from 82 regions: 88 thousand questionnaires filled in by the students, others — their parents and teachers. In the ranking of the participated and invited experts. Financial support and the quality of teaching in universities to compile a list of the Ministry of education were not considered. The Director of the Department of strategy and analysis Department Grigory andrushchak said that the rankings in the next year these options will be enabled, in addition, will be investigated and private universities.

The compilers of the survey on the quality of educational activities, however, emphasize that this is not a “rating”, but only a list of the best universities on the results of the independent evaluation.

The top 10 Metropolitan universities

The top ten universities for quality of education has not entered any one of the capital’s highest educational institution. The top 10 is the Marine University. Ushakov, selfconsistent Kemerovo, Kirov medical Academy, Lipetsk state pedagogical University, Samara selskohozaystvennaya, Saint-Petersburg chemical-pharmaceutical Academy, Orel state University of Economics, Lipetsk Institute of law and Economics, Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University and the Magnitogorsk tekhuniversitet.

Moscow University in the top 20 was only Higher school of Economics, which has occupied 14-e a place. Financial University under the Government held a 78-th line of the rating, MSU appeared on the 111th place, MGIMO took only 171 second position, and Misa, which was headed by former Minister of education Dmitry Livanov, was at 306. MGTU im. N. Uh. Bauman took the 380 line. Ranepa under the President got on the 385-th place.

Press Secretary Mrs Natalia Selishcheva stated that he does not consider the result of the University grievances of students, or an indicator of disloyalty. Press Secretary, University of Victoria Kalashnikov are unable to respond promptly to the questions .

“This is a positive development, it is important to listen to the main consumers of education — students,” praised the new initiative of the Ministry of education scientific Director of the Institute of education development HSE Isak Frumin. But, he notes, is not a scientific study, because do not understand the methodology and sampling in particular, it does not specify how many students in each University participated in the survey. Frumin sure to compare the institutions presented in the study of the Ministry of education parameters is impossible — we need a more detailed analysis of the data. “Moscow universities in the list less as Metropolitan students are more critical and they have to choose between them,” explained HSE academic supervisor.

Worst of all their education praised the students of the Orenburg Institute of arts, the Higher school of music of Yakutia and Yaroslavl selskohozyaystvenniy. Margarita Rusetskaya, rector of the Pushkin Institute (51st place), where he proactively most of the students, thanked the students for their participation and their refusal “to make small demands on the audience”.

Risks of pressure on students

Natalia Tyurina, head of the project “Social Navigator”, which helped conduct the survey, said that after the beginning of the survey asked a variety of universities. But they were advised not to put pressure on students. The Ministry of education did not provide for any sanctions for forcing students. The rector of MEPhI Mikhail Strikhanov in conversation with noted that the pressure on students, it would be ineffective due to the youth of protest.

“It is important that there is at least some kind of rating system, allows to navigate to the applicants,” — said in a conversation with the Commissioner for the rights of students in Russia Artem Khromov. He considers representative of the published rating and noted that while the Russians primarily rely on word of mouth or “unsubstantiated brands.”

The study was not part of the commercial universities are preparing to merge in the framework launched in the Labor program for the Association of higher educational institutions. The Deputy head of the Ministry of education and science Alexander Povalko said that the ranking next year there will be six universities, which were suspended in November the merger.