“America is no longer the one”: how foreign media praised the victory trump

The New York Times

“Donald John trump has defied the naysayers who claimed that he will never win, and political veterans who ridiculed him during the campaign. He trampled the norms of American politics, have ridiculed racial and religious affiliation, declared the iniquity of the political process. He ignored the usual decency, by choosing the vulgarity, abuse of political opponents and criticism of the media. And in the end, the act of disobedience did to trump’s the winner, providing it support mainly uneducated white voters, receptive to anti-immigrant rhetoric, which was negatively affected by changes in the economy. The triumph of trump was perhaps the biggest shock to the American political system in modern history, and opened the door to the extraordinary era of political uncertainty in the US and around the world.”

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— The New York Times (@nytimes) November 9, 2016

The Telegraph

“All the polls were wrong. The experts were wrong. America is no longer the country in which we believed. She chose the anger — anger, which rejects liberal values on which the whole of the West lived and early 90s. Should we flee, tail between his legs? No. American democracy will survive. Yes, the world will have to accept the trump, but trump will have to accept the rules of the game. The prospect of starting to panic attracts. The next US President is thin-skinned. He is against ethnic minorities. He was accused of bragging about sexual harassment. His rhetoric is empty promises”.

The Guardian

“The Republican candidate won one of the most improbable political victories in modern U.S. history, despite a series of accusations that easily would have destroyed any other candidate, a sharp political course exposed to the attacks of both parties, accusations of racism and sexual harassment and lack of political experience.”

USA Today

“Before white men with secondary education, men who used to work with his hands, which were trade unions, was a mainstay of the Democratic party. But this year, they gave their votes to a Republican, Trump responded to his speech that migrants take the jobs of Americans. Trump got 72% of their votes.”

The Washington Post

“Trump has always said that his victory will be “American Broksita” — referring to the unexpected victory of supporters of a British exit from the European Union in June 2016. The elite then really surprised. Victory trump shocked even more. It seemed that this event — one of the greatest disappointments in American political history — just can’t happen. Victory trump has become possible thanks to white voters, mostly without higher education, who were ignored by Washington and despised by the elite. It was enough that Clinton lost and her dream of becoming the first female President of the United States has remained a dream. The shock of victory trump will be felt for months, if not years.”

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— Washington Post (@washingtonpost) November 9, 2016


“70-year-old billionaire and former star of the reality show, trump promised during the election campaign to flip in case of a victory all international norms. He said that will require allies in Europe and the middle East itself to ensure their protection or pay more for it, which is contrary to international issues, the United States established after World war II. He also intends to establish closer cooperation with Russia, despite entrenched disagreement between Moscow and Washington.”

What Russian politicians expect from trump

Los Angeles Times

“People are hungry for change, said trump and his supporters. Clinton is too far from the people, they insisted. The media is too biased and did not notice, warned they. “As I said from the beginning — we are not organized by the staff, and a great movement,” claimed trump. The nature of a campaign, perhaps, came as a surprise to political analysts. But trump was not obeying political rules from the start of the race was not going to stop.”

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— Los Angeles Times (@latimes) on 9 November 2016.