The media predicted a Republican victory in the elections to the House of representatives

The Republicans will retain control of the House of representatives and the U.S. Senate, though will cede some of their local rivals-the Democrats. To such conclusion experts of The New York Times. The likelihood that the Republican party will retain the majority, is, according to their calculations, more than 95% for both chambers of the American Parliament.

With the election of the President of the Americans on 8 November was re-elected in the full composition of the House of representatives (the lower house of Congress) and a third of the members of the Senate (the upper house of Parliament). The Republican party will be able to retain about 235 seats in the lower chamber (against the current 246), and about 52 Senate seats (instead of the current 56).

By 7:00 Moscow time, according to The Washington Post, not known the results of the seven States of the 34 that make up a vote in the Senate. Of them, says the publication, a real chance to defeat the candidate of the Democratic party are only available in Pennsylvania. Thus, The Washington Post predicts that the Republicans will take the Senate with 53 of the 100 seats.

In the elections to the lower house the Republicans now in the lead with a score of 184 parliamentary mandate against 133 for the Democrats — the fate of 118 seats remains unknown.