Deputies of the state Duma will return to the halls of the delegations at the airports

The Council of the Duma on Thursday, November 10, Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin has declared that the deputies returned the ability to pass through the halls of officials and delegations during business trips and regional weeks. This was reported by a source in the Duma, the information was confirmed by the first Vice-speaker of the lower house from the Communist party Ivan Melnikov.

This may appear deputies, if the state Duma will be able to save on the payroll of deputies and employees of the office, said the source close to the leadership of the lower chamber. We are talking only about regional weeks and the official mission, stressed the source.

Savings can be generated due to time off deputies, which they take at their own expense, indicates the source in the Duma Council. In the seventh convocation, they often are forced to take time off your account after the new leadership Council has embarked to fight the shirkers. Also, the Duma can save by reducing the number of committees, the source added.

In October 2013 the Ministry of Finance has notified both houses of Parliament to stop funding the use of the deputies and senators of the halls of the delegations at airports and train stations. In accordance with the law “on the status member of the Federation Council and state Duma Deputy” deputies had the right for free use of halls for official persons and delegations of the airports and train stations due to the budget. The Ministry of Finance stated that funding for these services is allocated about 100 million rubles of Federal funds.

From 1 January 2014, while traveling in official business trips of MPs were paid from the Treasury only if they are flying economy class. However, senators in the last two years, unlike the deputies used the facilities of the delegations. “Normal when a chamber has such an opportunity, and another — no,” said Melnikov .