Kiriyenko will new projects “popular front” Putin

Visit Kiriyenko

Thursday, November 10, there will be a meeting of the Central headquarters of the popular front, which will be determined by the date of the upcoming Congress. He is scheduled for the end of November. It is possible that the event will be held in the framework of the “Forum actions”, says a source close to the leadership of the popular front. The decision must also be made on Thursday.

In this case, the meeting of the Central headquarters of the veterans waiting for the first Deputy head of the presidential administration Sergei Kiriyenko, said a source in the onf. The source in the Kremlin confirmed that plans to come to the meeting with Kiriyenko really is.

Since the appointment of the curator of the political unit Kiriyenko has already held several meetings with members of the Central headquarters and leadership of the Executive Committee of the front, says the source close to the leadership of the popular front. According to him, during the meetings Kiriyenko was asked to think about creating new projects front, who could appear before the election of the President.

Kiriyenko, the source continues , expressed wishes that it was the projects, “the results of which people could perceive as well as read — that is, they understand that the project exists not somewhere far away, and next to them”. In particular, the curator of the political unit suggested to consider the development of front-line soldiers of the new social standards concerning the quality of life of citizens. Yet, says the source , “he listens and thinks, what other areas of the onf may proceed before the election.”

No change

While serious reformatting of the popular front after the change of the curator of internal policy of the Kremlin veterans did not expect: “I Doubt that reformatting would be serious, — stated the co-Chairman of the Central headquarters of the front, the Secretary of the Public chamber Alexander Brechalov. — To talk about the reboot, probably, it is necessary always, but urgent, urgent agenda to not see this”.

If we talk about the effectiveness of the popular front, according to him, it can testify the fact that the number of people that cooperate with the front as the so-called “national experts”, today is more than 10 thousand people.

Brechalov does not exclude that the onf “there may be some adjustments to the upcoming elections of the President,” in particular, we are talking about new projects that may appear at the front. “On this subject we are consulting with the political block of the Kremlin”, — said the soldier.

“Those who talk about the need to “reformat” or “reboot” of the popular front is surprising. Because in addition to these words, they can no longer offer anything. And we do this regularly at our public events and internal meetings,” adds the head of the Executive Committee of the popular front Alexey Anisimov. According to him, the meetings of Central and regional headquarters regularly discussed on what new directions the front could work.

Not expected and a reshuffle in the top leadership of the popular front. The three interlocutors close to the leadership of the movement, the agenda of the upcoming Congress there is no question about the rotation of the co-chairs of the Central headquarters of the front. To date, three of them: Alexander Brechalov, film Director Stanislav Govorukhin, state Duma Deputy Olga Timofeeva. They were elected to their posts in 2013, when the curator of the political unit already had Vyacheslav Volodin.

Rotation of ordinary members

However, it is expected rotation of ordinary members of the Central staff. A source in the RPF said that the member of staff is expected to withdraw those soldiers who now occupy positions in the Executive power: this, in particular, the governors of Bryansk, Volgograd Alexander Bogomaz and Andrey Bocharov, and also Minister for Far East development Alexander Galushka.

As new members of the Central staff are considered, according to sources , the candidacy of the leader of the program “University challenge”, a member of the Moscow headquarters of the front, Yury Vyazemsky, the Vice-speaker of the state Duma, TV presenter Peter Tolstoy, the editor of the newspaper “Culture”, a state Duma Deputy Elena Yampolskaya, Deputy of the state Duma from “Fair Russia” Leonid Levin, head of the working group “Society and power: direct dialogue” Metropolitan headquarters of the popular front Dmitry Morozov, who won the Duma elections in single-mandate district in Moscow Duma deputies, veterans, Nikolay Nikolaev, Nikolay Govorin, Dmitry Sazonov.

In General, the rotation may relate to 15-20% of the members of the Central staff, says a source close to the leadership of the popular front.

According to another source in the front, personnel rotation and specific candidates are discussed with Sergei Kiriyenko, and in these matters he “still believes the proposals offered by the onf”. “Judging by the first steps Kirienko, he has a very flexible approach and he is in favor of the expectations on the change of personnel in the areas of activities, did not break what works — says a political scientist Nikolay Mironov.

However, the expert continues, the fact that the representatives of the popular front do not expect a reboot of the front, does not necessarily mean that it is not at all: “Kiriyenko’s main goal is to hold presidential elections at the right level, and what contributes to this task will be saved and everything that hinders, will be changed.”