Plan trump: how is the President going to return America to greatness

Plan trump: how is the President going to return America to greatness


  • The creation of a dynamic and growing economy that will provide the appearance of 25 million jobs over the next 10 years
  • Economic policy reform: simplification of the system of progressive taxation, the updating of the regulatory framework, the promotion of the interests of America in foreign trade, modernization and development of energy system “plan for a penny” (an annual reduction of expenses of the Congress on 1%, except for defense spending, education and health)
  • Economic growth of 3.5% per year, with the prospect of growth to 4%


  • Widespread tax cuts, primarily for the workers and the representatives of the lower middle class
  • Establishing fair tax rates for people with high incomes — they have to pay taxes, but the tax payments shall not affect competitiveness of their business
  • Reduce the cost of child care — families should be exempt from tax payments on the average amount of child care associated, including forced stay at home

The main provisions of the tax reform trump:

  • Simplification of the system of progressive taxation — the introduction of three digits instead of seven
  • The abolition of tax on investment income imposed under the Obamacare program (the program to provide affordable insurance to 30 million Americans who realized ADMINISTRACII Obama — ed.)
  • The abolition of inheritance tax
  • Reduction of income taxes for a business with 35 to 15% reduction will apply to all types of businesses, from large to small

National defense

  • The cancellation of sequestration of the military budget, increase in the strength of the American army up to 540 million active soldiers
  • Providing naval forces of the United States 350 military courts and the existing 36 battalions, providing the U.S. air force of 1,200 modern fighters
  • Major investments in the development of modern missile defense system to counter possible external threats, the modernization of the cruisers and the purchase of new modern destroyers to neutralize the missile threat from North Korea and Iran
  • A full audit of the Pentagon, designed to reduce bureaucracy and reduce the unnecessary costs, thus freeing up funds for additional financing of military programs
  • Support combat veterans: caring for their physical and mental health, social adaptation

Soldiers of the U.S. army

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  • Reform legislation designed to stem the outflow of jobs from the United States (“We need to stop punishing Americans for what they work and do business in the USA”)
  • The repeal of the “clean energy plan” (Clean Power Plan, concerns reducing the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere in electricity generation, one of the projects of the Obama administration — ed.) that will cost the country $7.2 billion per year
  • The reduction in the number of employees of the U.S. government after the analysis of its staffing


  • National priority — jobs, income and security of American citizens
  • Tightening control over the level of immigration which will reduce its flow and, consequently, give more jobs to Americans and increase their income
  • Protection of the economic wellbeing of immigrants in the United States on legal terms

How to again make America first: ten points trump

  • To begin work on the construction of the wall on the southern border by Mexico
  • To cancel the practice of “catch and release”: any illegally crossed the U.S. border will be deported
  • To expel foreigners who violate the laws
  • To deal with “cities of sanctuary” (sanctuary cities — cities, which the government officially prohibits local services to cooperate with the Federal migration service — ed.)
  • Immediately stop the action of the two immigration amnesties Obama. All illegal immigrants should be deported, the number of employees of the Federal migration service should be tripled
  • To suspend the issuance of visas in countries which may not guarantee the existence of effective mechanisms to verify the identity of their citizens
  • To ensure that the country to which the United States deported illegal immigrants really take them back
  • To guarantee the functioning of the biometric system at all land, air and water border crossings
  • Stop giving the opportunity to migrants to work illegally in a situation where Federal law prohibits their employment
  • To reform the Institute for legal migration, based on the fact that the main interests of the country — the interests of Americans, and immigration levels should be reduced to its “historical level”

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  • To abandon the TRANS-Pacific partnership (agreement 12 countries to establish a free trade area in the Asia-Pacific region, is still not ratified by the United States — ed.)
  • To take a tough stance in the negotiations on external trade for the purpose of defending the rights of American workers
  • To entrust the Ministry of Commerce to closely monitor all violations committed by foreign States within the framework of existing trade agreements, and achieve their elimination
  • Notify partners in NAFTA (North American free trade area includes the United States, Canada and Mexico — ed.) about the need to revise the conditions under which the United States is in the agreement, up to the way out
  • To instruct sales representatives of the United States to deal with all cases of violation by China of the rules of the world trade organization, to use the entirety of presidential power in the resolution of trade disputes with China


  • To make the US energy independent, create millions of jobs in the energy sector
  • To support the oil and gas industry of the United States, to restore the coal industry
  • To achieve power of US dominance in the global market, make the achievement of the strategic economic and foreign policy goals of the state
  • To achieve full independence from the actions of OPEC
  • To cancel orders of the Obama administration, which set limits in the field of energy — this will create 1.5 million jobs annually and have an effect of $30 billion

Foreign policy and fighting terrorism

  • Promotion of regional stability and reduce tensions in the world
  • The increase in the military budget, after consultation with Congress a reform of military forces, improved intelligence and services to combat cyber terrorism
  • Cooperation with allies in the middle East in the fight against “Islamic state” (organization banned in Russia)
  • Building coalitions for aggressive fight against “Islamic state” and his subsequent destruction, increased exchange of intelligence information with partners, the destruction of the systems of propaganda and recruitment
  • A temporary ban on the entry of residents of the most dangerous and unstable regions in the world, exporting terrorism
  • The creation of a special Commission to radical Islam, the main functions of which will be the explanation to the public of the dangers of radical Islam, identify pockets of radicalization and of groups supporting radical Islam


  • Attracting investment in infrastructure projects that will create the conditions for accelerated economic growth of the us economy
  • Support investment in the transport sector, the development of utilities and telecommunications systems, creation of modern and reliable electricity system, reorientation of public expenditure on the needs of the domestic American infrastructure
  • The creation of thousands of new jobs in the construction industry and to ensure that new infrastructure projects related to transportation, water, telecommunications and energy
  • The implementation of a new long-term plan for the construction of roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, Railways, pipelines, ports and waterways
  • The introduction of new technologies in the national transport system: a modern pipelines, achievements in the field of Maritime trade, the use of vehicles of the new generation
  • A high priority program to provide the population with clean water, modernisation of water systems

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Taking care of children

  • To make changes to the tax code that will allow working parents to deduct expenses from their income tax for child care and elderly dependants
  • Allow parents to open savings are subject to taxes funds, which are open to caring for children and elderly relatives
  • Encourage employers to provide child care employees in the workplace
  • To provide 6 weeks of paid leave for new mothers

The Constitution and the second amendment

  • The appointment of US Supreme court judges who will defend the main laws of the United States (we are talking about the replacement of judge Scalia — editor): rule of law, constitutional freedoms including religion, speech, press and the right to bear arms (the second amendment to the U.S. Constitution — ed.)
  • The right of the American people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, and law-abiding Americans owning weapons should get the confidence that they have every right to protect themselves because the police have no ability to help people anytime and anywhere
  • The right to bear arms should be nationwide, its legitimacy must be recognized in all 50 States
  • Reforming the system of psychiatry, whose main objective should be the adoption of effective preventive measures to prevent mass violence


  • Immediately increase funding for schools at the Federal level of $20 billion
  • To provide choice and school attendance each of the 11 million children of school age living in poverty
  • To organize a joint congressional deliberations on the reform of higher education, which will allow universities and colleges to reduce the cost of training them in exchange for Federal benefits