Reporters found the Villa Poroshenko on the Mediterranean sea

In the transmission “Scheme”, established by journalists of the Ukrainian TV channel “First” and the Kiev edition of radio “Liberty” reported that near the Spanish resort of Marbella, on the Mediterranean sea, the Villa is Petro Poroshenko, built in a Mediterranean architectural style with a swimming pool. According to media reports, house worth about 4 million Euro, was acquired by Poroshenko in the summer of 2008, when the future President chaired the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine.

In the electronic tax Declaration Poroshenko this Villa there. It is not mentioned as a property, owned or used. If this Declaration of the President of the firm Feruvita SL, the ultimate owner of which is Poroshenko. It is recorded and Villa.

That Poroshenko is in Spain at the beginning of this year, reported the edition “Ukrainian truth”. It published the photos, which was seen as the head of state went to the pharmacy in the South of Spain, and then went away on a white Porsche.

Reporters also found that not far from the Villa where you happen Poroshenko also are the home of longtime business partner and people’s Deputy Igor Kononenko, as well as the Deputy Secretary of national security Council and defense of Ukraine Oleg Gladkovsky. Kononenko told reporters that it is not obliged to declare their property which belongs to his companies.

Lawyers interviewed by journalists, went in answer to the question, does the law require mention real estate, which is owned by the companies, the beneficiaries of which are officials. For example, the main anti-corruption expert of the project “Reanimation reform package” Dmytro Kotlyar is convinced that “if a legal entity created solely to own property and it does not carry out business activities, then the property must be specified in the Declaration as the beneficial property of the subject of the Declaration”.

Deputy Chairman of the National Agency for prevention of corruption Ruslan Radetsky also sure that the official must specify all property, which belongs him, including through a legal entity. The Chairman of the same Agency Natalia Korchak considers that the applicant has the right to specify only on legal entities.