Savchenko asked trump to keep sanctions against Russia

Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Nadezhda Savchenko wrote an open letter to the elected President of the United States Donald Trump, asking him to maintain and even strengthen sanctions against Russia. A copy of the letter Savchenko published in the night of November 10 on his page in Facebook.

Savchenko writes that his letter is to attract attention trump to the problem of international support and protection of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. “There is a world of another nation, as the Ukrainian, who with such great attention would be observed for the election of the President of the USA”, since “Ukraine suffers from aggression of the Russian Federation,” she writes.

In his letter, the Governor indicates that the USA “are the vanguard protecting Western values throughout the world, and has always supported the Ukrainian people in their desire to join the family of countries professing democratic values, the inviolability of the territorial borders of other States, the rule of law.”

“I appeal to You with request to maintain and even strengthen sanctions against the aggressor country, the Russian Federation, because this country understands only force and determination which You wouldn’t take,” – says Savchenko.

The Deputy also asked trump to “strengthen the international, technical and military support to Ukraine” and “more decisive actions of American politicians for the release of Ukrainian hostages in Russia.”

At the end of the letter Savchenko expressed hope for a response to trump with the “clarification of the Ukrainian people and the world about the future steps of the US administration on the above issues”.