Media reported about the flights over Syria aircraft from “Admiral Kuznetsov”

According to the interlocutor of “Interfax”, the MiG-29 and su-33 in the last days regularly climb aboard the “Admiral Kuznetsov” for the study of the theater of operations in Syria and clarified tasks of combat use.

An Agency source indicated that the ship aircraft carrier group consisting of aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”, the nuclear cruiser “Peter the Great” and the frigate “Admiral Grigorovich”, “continuously preparing for strikes on terrorists and is ready to start operation at any time.” In particular, reveal new targets of the militants to transfer the goals of naval aviation and the frigate “Admiral Grigorovich”, armed with cruise missiles “Caliber”.

On the eve of the readiness of the ship group to strike the outskirts of Aleppo said the source Agency “Interfax” in the Ministry of defense of Russia. The aim of the operation is called prevent breakouts fighters for the lifting of the siege on Eastern Aleppo.

The source emphasized that the attacks on residential areas with cruise missiles will not be applied.

Two weeks ago the Syrian army has prevented a breakthrough of militants to the Eastern districts of Aleppo. During the counteroffensive, the military managed to not only reject the terrorists in their original positions, but to knock them out of the strategically important residential complex in the South-West of the city is currently fighting in the al-Rashedin that opponents of Bashar al-Assad had used as one of its main bases.