The FSB told about the prevention of terrorist attacks in Moscow and St. Petersburg

The Federal security service of Russia spoke about the suppression of the activities of interregional criminal group that planned attacks in Moscow and St. Petersburg. About it reports “RIA Novosti” with reference to the press service of the Ministry.

As noted in the special forces, security forces detained a group of ten terrorists, of immigrants from Central Asia. According to the FSB, they were planning “high-profile terrorist attacks” in places of a mass congestion of people in Moscow and St. Petersburg with the use of guns and explosives, high power to kill civilians. “as a result of 12 Nov operational-search measures and investigative actions in Moscow and St. Petersburg detained ten terrorists”, — stated in the message.

The militants seized four homemade bombs, filled with striking elements, means of initiation, firearms, ammunition, and communications, says the FSB, all the detainees give a confession about relationships with the leaders of banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” (ISIS) in the middle East. The detained militants confessed to their advantage, said in a statement the security services.

The FSB has repeatedly stated that the prevention of terrorist attacks in Russia, prepared by supporters of ISIS.

Russia 30 Sep 2015 launched a military operation in Syria, the purpose of which authorities were called to prevent the infiltration of militia who fought on the Russian territory and attacks with their participation.

August 1, 2016, ISIS has released a video message with threats against Russia and the call for Jihad, and even earlier, on 29 July, the FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov said that the control of the security services is more than 220 potential “pseudoshadow” and that the FSB “conduct systematic work on revealing of the persons involved in the preparation of the so-called human bombs and suicide attacks with their use.”

On 23 October in Nizhny Novgorod was an attack on the police, during which two were shot dead by alleged terrorists, “immigrants from the Central Asian region,” as reported by the FSB. Three days later ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack on police officers in Nizhny Novgorod. 18 Aug 2016 ISIS took responsibility for the attack on a traffic police post on the Shchelkovo highway in the suburbs.

Four days before the incident in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia’s Investigative Committee reported the arrest of a supporter of ISIS who planned, according to investigators, the terrorist attack on a factory in Kazan, and on 18 August, the source of “Interfax” reported about the detention of men who were preparing a terrorist attack in Samara, which has sworn allegiance to ISIL (then they also talked about the citizen of one of countries of Central Asia). In early may 2016, the FSB has reported the arrest of Krasnoyarsk citizens of Central Asian countries, related international terrorist organizations and preparing attacks during the may holidays.