The interior Ministry said about the lack of 472 billion rubles to fight crime

The deficit of the Ministry of interior for the financing of the state program of protection of a public order and fight against crime will exceed 156 billion rubles in 2017, 155 bn in 2018 and to 160 billion rubles in 2019. About it at session of budgetary Committee of the state Duma on Friday, 11 November, said the representative of the Ministry of Nadezhda Romashova. Based on the amounts the Ministry estimates the shortage of appropriations to combat crime in 472,3 billion rubles — almost a quarter of the budget of this programme for the next three years proposed by the government.

In 2017 it is expected to Finance on 671,4 billion rubles, in 2018 — 668,6 billion rubles in 2019 for 666,7 billion rubles, said Romashova, revealing the overall appropriations for the program (the secret part).

According to the representative of the interior Ministry, the question about the lack of police budget was discussed at the meeting of the ad hoc working group, but the Ministry “issues it was not supported”. The problem of lack of funds to the Ministry of interior will be addressed as budget execution, concluded Romashova.

The amounts shown Romashova, reflect the amount of funding provided under the program of fighting crime in open and closed part of the budget — the passport of the state programme financing from the secret parts of the budget are not reflected, said the Deputy Chairman of the accounts chamber Vera Chistova. In the draft passport of the state programme for 2017-2019, submitted to the Duma as part of the budget materials indicate the amount 634, 631 and 629 billion, respectively.

The government drastically reduces the resource support of the state program of ensuring public order and combating crime in comparison to the original plans in 2014. In only one 2017, appropriations for this program will be reduced by at least 206 billion RUB compared to the amount approved in the current passport program. In 2015 and 2016 the government has allocated for the program is only open part of the 800 billion RUB More than 99% of the budget of the programme passes through the interior Ministry, follows from the data of the accounting chamber.

Took The National Guard

Major changes in the program of the fight against crime are explained, in particular, the fact that she “left the National guard under, taking with them their provisions, their purpose and objectives,” explains Chistov. According to her, created by President Vladimir Putin, the National guard will now be funded from non-programme part of the Federal budget.

The interior Ministry also requested additional appropriation, the need for which has not been confirmed, and therefore they were not included in the program for the next three years, follows from the explanations Finish. According to her, at the moment the chamber does not confirm the “unbalance software”; the targets set for the allocated funds intends to seek the interior Ministry, correspond to funds that are in the budget, says Chistova.

On the issue of MPs, what will be the level of crime in the future in case of reduction of the budget of the interior Ministry, another Ministry spokesman (he did not introduce himself) said that the crime rate does not depend on the interior Ministry, and from the socio-economic situation in the country, the interior Ministry is guided by other indicators. But from the program it is visible that expected some decrease in crime, said Deputy Chairman of the budget Committee Nadezhda Maksimova. The Deputy hopes that “everything will be okay.”

with the participation of Ivan Tkachev