London began to develop strategies to influence trump

The UK authorities have started to develop a strategy that would help to influence the elected President of the USA of Donald trump.

In a secret memo to British Ambassador Kim Darroch cited by The Times, said that the UK has all the capabilities to manage the foreign policy of the elected President and to encourage the development of even the most daring ideas. Darroch describes trump as a person, podavalova influence, and this can happen with the right approach, the Prime Minister of Britain Theresa may.

Sources in the government of great Britain in an interview with the publication said that the Ministers, military leaders, and heads of intelligence services has already made plans how you can affect trump on the issues related to NATO, Russia, Iran, and migrants. They want to use his victory in the London light and “keep his extreme views.”

“First of all, the President-elect — the outsider and the unknown variable, pre-election statements which can show his instincts, but which, undoubtedly, will evolve and which, in fact, susceptible to outside influence, with the right approach,” — said in a note presented a few hours after the announcement of the election results.

According London, this can be achieved by building a good relationship with the team President-elect. In this regard, the paper writes that the Minister of foreign Affairs Boris Johnson will not participate in the meeting with his colleagues in the EU, which is planned to discuss the election trump President. Press Secretary Johnson noted that this meeting is “unnecessary,” and the British foreign office will work with the current and future White house administration for mutually beneficial cooperation.