The media learned about the plans of London to dissuade trump to work with Russia on Syria

Britain is on the verge of a diplomatic crisis with the United States in connection with the plans of President-elect Donald trump to sign with Russian President Vladimir Putin the Union in support of the Syrian regime, writes The Sunday Telegraph.

The edition with reference to sources in the British foreign office says that British officials acknowledge that in the coming months London will have “very tough” talks with trump about his position on Russia.

The interlocutors of the newspaper emphasize that in the next two months the UK will try to convince the team trump the need for removal of Bashar al-Assad from power. According to them, the resolution of this issue will become priority number one. Representatives of the foreign office recognized that it would be “incredibly difficult task”, but to change its position London did not intend, writes the edition.

“We clearly understand that Assad has no place in future Syria,” — leads edition of the words of his companion. “On his hands the blood of 400 thousand people”, – he added.

Another source in the British foreign office told the newspaper that London is still hope that trump will change his position after personal communication with Putin. “There is no doubt that he regards Putin as a person, as he thinks, you can have a business relationship. the source said. But when he realizes that Putin is not rational or reasonable guy, he can change his mind. He [Trump] needs some time to settle down”.

The concerns of London appeared once in his first post-election interview, trump said that he intends to stop supporting the rebels in Syria and said that he had received a “wonderful letter” from Putin, says The Sunday Telegraph.