FSB showed video of interrogation of a suspect in preparation of acts of sabotage in the Crimea

The center of public relations of FSB of Russia has published a video of the interrogation of Colonel Dmitry Sterlikova — according to special services, one of the members of the subversive group, detained in Sevastopol last week, November 9, on suspicion of preparing terrorist acts on the territory of Crimea, reports “Interfax”.

“The gathering of intelligence about the location and organization of new units of the Russian armed forces in Crimea, the selection of targets for sabotage, intelligence gathering and data on the composition, deployment, organizational structure military unit on the territory of Crimea”, — quotes Agency the interviewee (on the website of the FSB, the video is not posted). So he answered the question, what tasks were set before the raiding party.

A separate task was obtaining information on the purpose and stages of the exercises of the Russian army in the Crimea, the Agency reports with reference to the video. The video also was available to TASS.

The interviewee also said that for legalization on the territory of the Crimea, he entered the service in the division of the Ministry of defence as civilian personnel. Before joining of Crimea to Russia he worked as a journalist at the center of “Novos”, according to the FSB, calling it a legend.

Ukraine’s defense Ministry last week called the information about the detention of Ukrainian saboteurs in the Crimea “fake”. Kiev was podvergaet that the detainees collaborated with the centre “News”, which is engaged in legitimate information gathering.

Earlier, the FSB has published a video of the detention Sterlikova. From the new video, it follows that Shtyblikov allegedly sent all the information via Internet with encryption software, adds TASS. “A clear timetable was not. Once or twice a week, I am sure,” said the interviewee, adding that they received monetary reward for it.

About the detention in the Sevastopol members diversionno-terrorist group of the main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, planned sabotage of military infrastructure and life-support of Crimea, the FSB reported on 10 November. According to intelligence agencies, were confiscated explosive devices “heavy-duty”, weapons and ammunition, the resources of the special connection and “map schema objects to alleged sabotage.”

On the same day Leninsky district court of Sevastopol arrested three men suspected of preparing acts of sabotage in the Crimea for two months. The TV channel “112 Ukraine” called one of the detained former Ukrainian military Dmitry Stabnikova, and the brother of the detainee Alex Shtyblikov told the Russian TV channel “Rain” that he could not be a saboteur. According to him, “five or six years” before joining the Crimea to Russia in 2014, his brother became a military analyst and often traveled to Ukraine.