The court sent the speaker under house arrest

During the meeting, the investigator Roman Nesterov said that the involvement of speaker proven. He recalled that the Minister accuses the bribe of $2 million (over 130 million). According to Nesterov, the bribe received for actions that the speaker had to make within their Ministerial authority.

Ulyukayev is formally charged under part 6 of article 290 of the Criminal code. Its position Nesterov supported Protocol inspection of the scene, the order of assignment and interrogation of two witnesses — Elijah and Ksenia Makarova Shershneva.

The investigator noted that other measures in addition to as house arrest for the Minister elect is impossible, given his state of health and lifestyle. Agreed and the Prosecutor. Nesterov noted that the investigation has the order according to which the speaker was supposed to travel to Cuba and Peru. “Once maybe in a business trip, then under house arrest to contain”, — said Nesterov. He did not rule out that the head Minekonomrazvitija may be hiding abroad, as it often goes in business trips and has a passport.

According to the investigator, the speaker has refused to testify to the Investigation Committee and pleaded not guilty. In the end, Nesterov demanded to place the speaker under house arrest, forbidding him to leave the room, to communicate with any persons, except relatives, lawyers and investigators, and to use the means of communication.

The head of Ministry of economic development stated that “it is not refused, and refrained from testimonies,” and again stated its refusal to admit guilt. “I am willing to cooperate with the investigation. Note that I have elderly parents. Please to take a more lenient preventive measure,” — said Ulyukayev. During the meeting, the court was provided with information about the atherosclerosis, vascular dystonia and diseases of the Minister.

Ulyukayev lawyer Timothy Gridnev insisted that the speaker is a Minister and his detention may destabilize the work of the Ministry. He also drew attention to the large number of contradictions in the materials business. According to Gridneva, they are not evidence that the speaker took the bribe. “I don’t think a business trip to Cuba and Peru, the Minister indicates that he wants to escape,” said the lawyer, urging the court to opt out of the measure. He was supported and co-counsel Larisa Kashtanova.

In the case of satisfaction of the petition for house arrest Gridnev asked the court to allow Ulyukayev four-hour walk twice a day for health reasons. The investigator and the Prosecutor lawyers disagreed.

Long development

The criminal case against the Minister Ulyukayev was filed on November 15, the materials of the case read in court. According to investigators, on 14 November, the Minister has received $2 million for the Ministry of economic development issued a positive evaluation, which allowed the oil company “Rosneft” to buy the state package of shares of “Bashneft”. It was reported that the speaker was caught red-handed when receiving a bribe.

As told a source familiar with the investigation, development Uljukaev did not begin less than a year ago. Operational support was performed by employees of the security service, the FSB. At that time the Deputy head of management of own safety of FSB was Oleg Feoktistov, who recently moved to the position of Vice-President of “Rosneft” for security.

The deal to sell a 50% stake “Bashnet” was completed on the 12th of October, we know from the official reports of the Ministry of economic development. Before that among the officials there were disputes concerning the potential involvement of Rosneft in the transaction. Ulyukayev, speaking for the non-admission of the company, in early September, said that Rosneft will still be able to participate in privatization. In mid-October, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decision on the sale to Rosneft of state-owned shares “Bashneft” for $5.3 billion.

More than 50% of the shares of the company “Bashneft” became the property of the state in the fall of 2014. Then the Moscow Arbitration court has terminated the acquisition of the asset (81,67% stake in Bashneft) between AFK “System” businessman Vladimir Yevtushenkov and the structures of the son of the former President of Bashkiria Ural Rakhimov.

Himself Yevtushenkov at the time was under house arrest on charges of embezzlement and “money laundering (articles 160 and 174.1 of the criminal code). The investigation claimed that he acquired the shares in Bashneft in 2009 at low price for $2 billion as a result of the decision of the arbitral Tribunal 50% of the shares transferred back under state control, and the remaining package was transferred in favor of state property of Bashkiria.