Bashar al-Assad has said it is ready to fight on the same side with trump

In an interview with Portuguese TV channel RTP Assad said that he does not know how to lead a trump against Syria. “We have some expectations regarding the new us administration, because there is not only the President,” – said the Syrian President, pointing to the various lobbies and interest groups that invariably have an effect on the head of the White house.

While Assad said he “definitely” intends to cooperate with trump, if he will fight with terrorists. “In this case, America will be as natural allies like Russia and Iran,” he added.

While the Syrian President responded to the statement of the elected Vice-President Mike Pence, who warned that the army operation in Aleppo could lead to a new humanitarian catastrophe. According to him, this statement is explained by the fact that Americans “consider themselves judges of the world”. “The United States – an independent state that should not intervene in the Affairs of other countries. Because they’re doing it for the last 50 years, we don’t really expect to change this policy”, – said Assad.

Critical Assad and against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose army uninvited Damascus launched an operation in Northern Syria. “This man has delusions of grandeur. He lives in the Ottoman Empire, not in the modern world. He is disconnected from reality,” – said the Syrian President.

However, Assad praised Russia’s role in the fight against terrorist groups. The Syrian President stressed that Moscow through the decades have helped Damascus weapons.