Congress blocked the sale to Iran of 109 Boeing

The house of representatives of the United States Congress voted against the sale and transfer of lease to Iran passenger aircraft of Boeing, according to Bloomberg.

The ban was supported by 243 congressmen, against – 174. The white house, which previously approved the supply to Iran 109 Boeing worth about $25 billion, has said he will veto this bill.

“American taxpayers, the banking system should not help the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism to fly planes that can be used for an unknown us destination,” said a member of the house from Republicans Bob Dold.

After January 16, 2016, the United States and the European Union lifted sanctions against Iran related to its nuclear program, Deputy Minister of transport Ashgar Fakhri Kashan said that Tehran planned to buy more than 200 aircraft models from Boeing and Airbus.

A preliminary agreement on the sale of about one hundred aircraft, the Boeing Corporation signed on 21 June. Then transport Minister of Iran Abbas Akhundi estimated the transaction in $25 billion on September 21, the U.S. Treasury has also allowed the European company Airbus to sell their planes to Iran.

September 21, Boeing announced, the Corporation obtained permission from the U.S. government on this deal, because Iran has fulfilled its obligations under the nuclear agreement reached last summer. The company then noted that any contracts with the airlines of Iran will depend on the approval of the government of the United States.